Unified Auction

Connected TV inventory is too valuable to be monetized inefficiently. Publica provides the highest yielding auction decisioning engine to make sure that each impression is sold at the highest possible CPM.

Auction decisioning that performs better.

Connect to new buyers in seconds

Publica is pre-integrated with the 15 largest video SSPs. Connecting to them takes a few clicks and revenue generation is immediate.

Create competition between Direct and Programmatic

Publica gives you the ability to run a price-based auction between your direct sales, your programmatic deals, programmatic open auction demand and even any Vast tag!

Keep control over auction priorities

Continue to apply your existing business rules by prioritizing direct sales or private deals over the open exchange. Finally get the control you need with Publica.

Access all leading industry SSPs, with pre-integrated optimized Open RTB connections.

Ready to enter the new era of TV advertising ?