One script. Thousands of monetization strategies.

Publica is a holistic solution to help publishers and advertisers monetize smarter. We integrate with your existing ad stack to maximize the value of your inventory.

Publica Ad Recovery

A state-of-art ad block recovery solution. Compatible with all desktop and mobile web ad blockers on all browsers including UC Browser.

Publica lets you recover any type of format: instream, outstream, and display through direct and programmatic channels.

Video Header Bidding

Most publishers face the same problems when it comes to video header bidding: low bid densities, high error rates, high latency.

Publica can help you implement your header bidding strategy and go live with our pre-approved demand partners.

Programmatic TV

Enable your programmatic demand on your Connected TV Inventory

Using server-to-server Video Header Bidding as an entry point, we bring in the largest source of Programmatic Demand for OTT environments.

Work with your existing buyers or plug in our unique pre-approved demand to maximize your revenue.

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