Recovery works for every ad experiences

Publica is the only programmatic enabled solution for publisher to recover and monetize any ad-blocked format.

No credit card required

Reach 100% of your ad-potential.

Publica can help you monetize a full audience with your own demand: direct & programmatic, all served via your current ad-server.

Fast setup, for real

Simply add a snippet to your website and choose ad-placements you wish to recover. Let the Publica team handle the rest.

Tangible better performance

Generate an uplift in advertising revenue with the same buyers, and measurement providers. Simply increase your ad inventory by + 25%.

Keep users engaged & loyal

Track key UX indicators too see how users reaction to recovery. Optimize ad-pressure accordingly in seconds

Publica is the most reliable ad recovery solution on the market.

Works seamlessly with

All Ad Servers

All Header Bidders

All your measurement providers

Ready to monetize all users with the sleekest user experience?

No credit card required

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